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Poppy Ergo Jr. Robot Arm

Status: first stage completed
Initiator: JOAL03
Materials Used: Raspberry Pi
Approx. Cost: 150-200 €

I built a "Poppy Ergo Jr." robot arm with 3D printed limbs. It is a programmable robotic arm, consisting of 6 motors allowing movement with help of 3D printed elements. I used the pre frabricated rivets for the assembly, which makes modification and reassembly easy. The Arm can be configured with different usages such as a lampshade, a gripper and a pen holder.

The robot is controlled with a Raspberry Pi board, and a camera helps it interact with the world. The servos can communicate with each other which allows for reactions from one servo to another with the help of a Raspberry Pi with a custom HAT from

Next, I might mount the arm on a little vehicle, e.g. to clean up the apartment ;-) The future controls may be based on Arduino.

You find the Bill of Materials (BOM) here: