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DIY Microfluidics Devices

Microfluidics thumbnail.jpg
Status: in development
Release Date: Q1 2019
Initiator: BIOTOP Community Lab e.V.
Team: Patrick & Yunus
Materials Used: Acrylic Glass, 3M Double Sided Tape
Tools Used: Laser Cutter, Biotop Lab
Software Used: Affinity Designer, VisiCut

Microfluidics deals with the behaviour, precise control and manipulation of fluids that are geometrically constrained to a small, typically sub-millimetre, scale at which capillary penetration governs mass transport. - Our goal is to develop custom DIY microfluidics chips (currently as a proof of concept), and perform lab-on-a-chip like experiments.

Development of our own microfluidics devices


Version History


V 0 and V 1

Version Zero was our first shot at microfluidics. We wanted to perform a simple proof-of-concept: Get liquid flowing from an input hole through a spiral to an output hole. The chip was made from three laser-cut layers: A top acrylic glass plate with the input and output wholes, a middle layer made out of double sided 3M tape that included the actual channels, and finally a bottom layer.

With Version One we improved our channel smoothness and overall build quality.

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V 2 - V 4

V B02

V B03

V B04

V B04-A V B04-B

V C01