Project:Mechanical Keyboard

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3D Printed Mechanical Keyboard

Keyboard 1.JPG
Status: Completed
Release Date: September 05, 2021
Initiator: User:Kalunho
Materials Used: PLA
Tools Used: 3D printer
Software Used: Tinkercad, Blender, Meshmixer
Approx. Cost: 60€ (board) + 20€ (Switches) + 20€ (PLA)

I designed this custom mechanical keyboard case including the keycaps. The PCB I used for this project is the DZ60rgb v3 hot-swappable, therefore no soldering is required. I personally like small and compact keyboards, that is why I choose a 60% layout. The PCB is configured via QMK, which allows you to pretty much re-programm all the keys. For this build, I have also added four small white LEDs on the back, which I soldered directly on the board (there is a 5v output pin somewhere on the board). These four LEDs are static and cannot be controlled via the software and light up as soon as you plug your USB-C cable in the keyboard. One 750g spool of regular PLA should be more than enough to print this keyboard.


The main features of this keyboard are:

  • Gasket Mount
  • No screws are required
  • fully 3D printable

Tutorial / Download

A full tutorial is available on my YouTube channel. The file is available on thingiverse.