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Lowboard for UST-Projector

Lowboard Björn (02).jpg
Status: Finished
Initiator: Björn
Materials Used: Plywood

Linseed Oil
Wood Stain

We like to watch some home cinema from time to time, and luckily our living room has a large enough wall which can be used as a projector screen. An Ultra Short Throw Projector was the ideal solution for our living room layout, and is predestined to live inside a lowbard (together with receiver / stereo / records etc).


  • body: 21mm birch plywood (treated with linseed oil on the outside and dark wood stain on the inside)
  • drawer base: 12mm birch plywood (drawer runners sit underneath the drawer)
  • front panels: 4mm beech plywood (treaded with white wood stain)

Front panels

The front panels are made from 3 layers of 4mm beech plywood. Each door is cut from one sheet of 60x90cm.

  • 1st layer: white-stained front with holes
  • 2nd layer: this is just a "frame", which runs inside the grooves, meaning: it's a little higher than the 1st layer
  • 3rd layer: another "frame" which has the same outer dimensions as the front layer and acts as a reinforcement.

The grooves for the doors are 5mm wide and were cut with the table saw before assembling the body. The top grooves are a little deeper than the bottom ones, so the doors can easily be removed by pushing them upwards.

I've always adored the simplistic design of the 1964 Radiofonografo from Brionvega. I used our lasercutter to cut the symmetric holes pattern into 4mm beech plywood and then taped a black piece of cloth from behind, so the cloth can easily be removed and cleaned / dust-busted.