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Digital File Shredder

Digital file shredder-0.JPG
Status: built; to be documented
Release Date: Oct 2018
Initiator: Johannes
Team: Lukas (just case idea & documentation)
Materials Used: Arduino, some wires, DC motor, PLA
Tools Used: 3D printer, soldering iron
Software Used: Fusion 360

What's the best way to delete an SD card's contents? Of course - put it into a tiny file shredder and take it back out freshly formatted!

The actual formatting is done by an Arduino microcontroller, but there is a little whirring motor included to give the impression of something more brutal at work.

Known bug: sometimes the shredding won't stop → solution: unplug for several seconds, then plug it in again


  • motor: ??? (just needed for special effects)
  • power supply: ???
  • microcontroller/circuit boards: ???


coming soon


The case was modeled in Fusion 360 and mimics a typical file shredder you might find in an office. Once Johannes was happy with it, he 3D printed it in two parts (main case and baseplate). The print of the main case was paused halfway through to insert most of the components.

The files can be found in our "CommonFiles" Github repository: v2.f3d