Project:Container on Rollers

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Wooden container on roles for desk

Container on roles.png
Status: finished
Release Date: November 2021
Initiator: Hanna
Approx. Cost: ~215€ (+50€ on tools):
  • 154€ Wood
  • 17€ drawer slide, hinges,
  • 8€ handles
  • 11€ roles
  • 25€ Oil, brush

After buying a new desk with a wild oak plate I needed a wild oak container on roles for under the desk.

Couldn’t find any suitable ones online and a custom made one was too expensive and also not 100% according to my idea (invisible roles). So I decided to create one myself.

Building Process

  1. Draw a sketch of the container and calculate needed wood. I used glued wild oak panels (Leimholzplatten) from Bauhaus. I decided to put the base plate inside the container so that the roles will be hidden at the end and the container “floating” over the floor.
  2. Saw the wood panels for the two sides, back, top, bottom, shelf, and front (two parts for the door and drawer) with the plunge saw
  3. Add holes for srews with an undercover Jig into the bottom, sides and back. From outside the screws will not be visible.

  4. Drill lines of holes all with the same depth and distance to both side plates, so that the shelf inside the container can be moved in height later.
  5. Before assembling, sand all parts (tip: do one more sanding round with slightly moistened wood to make it extra smooth) and oil it.
  6. Assemble all parts, start with sides, back and top and add the bottom when wheels have already been attached to make sure it has the perfect height.
  7. Add the hinge to the door. Invest in a cheap template to know exactly where to drill the whole in the wood (Forstner Bohrersatz).
  8. Build the drawer but buy the drawer rail first to know the exact widths of the rails which needs to be considered for the width of the drawer.
  9. Add the front to the finished drawer when the drawer is already in the drawer rails.