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Cello Lamp

Cello Lamp 2.jpg
Status: finished
Release Date: July 2019
Initiator: Hanna
Approx. Cost: ~208€:
  • 120€ used cello
  • 35€ lampshade
  • 33€ HUE smart light bulb
  • ~20€ for cable, light fitting, glue etc.

Building Process

Following steps have been performed to transform a cello into a lamp:
1) Prepare cello by removing tail piece, bridge, strings and pegs
2) Separate the fingerboard from the cello neck with a Japanese saw

Step 2.jpg

3) Cut a groove into the cello neck (e.g. with rotary rasps) for the cable

Step 3.jpg

4) Drill a hole in the cello scroll, pull the cable through and tuck in the light fitting
5) Drill a hole in the cello body directly at the lower end of the neck and at the lowest body part connecting to the stand and pull the cable through

Step 5.jpg

6) Glue the fingerboard back on the cello neck (cable hidden inside) – I used a polyurethane glue, which expands when applied

Step 6.jpg

7) Build the stand out of different layers of wood (in this case 3 layers of wild oak)

8) Assemble cello by reconnecting tail piece, bridge, strings and pegs

Callo Lamp 1.jpg

9) Tune the cello and use the lamp

Cello lamp gif reduced.gif