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Status: Completed
Release Date: Sep 2023
Initiator: Adam
Materials Used: See Table
Tools Used: See Table
Approx. Cost: Probably Too Much (See tables)

This project is more meant for information/ inspiration than a tutorial.

The idea of making 'BonBon' has been in my head for quite some time,( original attempt in 2018 with much simpler equipment.) These were my first attempts with the "proper" equipment and desire to do it again. And they turned out pretty okay.

I also found out they make great gifts, if you have the time to make them. I brought them to a party and they were quite popular.

I didnt do a great job documenting the process, but might take more care in this aspect if I were to make more. The pictures I did take can be found in the Gallery below.

The BonBons

I have no formal training when it comes to anything in the kitchen, and as with most things I want to learn, I turned to Youtube University. There I found any number of tutorials from professional kitchens to follow and figure out.

I ended up making 2 types of BonBons; Darkchocolate with Strawberry Filling, and Milkchocolate with Dark-Orange Filling.

The Recipies for the filling will be listed below, the 'shells' were plain chocolate. The 'design' you may notice in some of the pictures is white chocolate that had been coloured.

Some videos I watched (There was a lot more than these two, but you can find some of your own if you have the interest.);

BonBon Tools/ Materials



Item Name Description Link



(At time of purchase)

Ingredient Main Chocolate 400g bags of popular chocolate; bundle White, milk &dark €26.23
Ingredient Dark chocolate bars 70% dark chocolate extra incase needed REWE €2.29 per
Ingredient Dark chocolate orange bars Used for a filling REWE €2.49 per
Ingredient Heavy cream Used for a filling as per reciepie REWE €1.09 per
Ingredient Strawberries Used for a filling as per reciepie -
Ingredient Lemon juice Used for a filling as per reciepie REWE €1.99
Ingredient Sugar Used for a filling as per reciepie REWE €1.49
Ingredient Potato Flower Used for a filling as per reciepie -
Tool BonBon Mold As named - Maybe better to get one from a Restaurant supplies store rather than amazon, although this one worked fine €19.99
Tool Stainless Steel Scraper/ Spatula As named; Can also use a large "Pallette knife" instead €10.62
Tool Infrared thermometer Useful to get an accurate surface temp' and not need to clean the probe each time €19.89
Tool Disposable Piping bags 100 pack. Re-usable could be substituted but take a long time to clean and dry properly, especially when using chocolate €15.29
Ingredient Oil based Food colouring needs to be oil based to work with cocoa butters and chocolates €21.99
Tool Cotton balls/ Pads for 'polishing' the molds before use after cleaning €1.65
Tool Baking paper useful to keep worksurfaces clean, and to be able to catch excess chocolate for re-use -
Tool Heatproof Bowls As named -
Tool Spatula As named -
Tool Scissors As named -
Tool Microwave As named -
Tool Fridge/ Freezer As named, *WARNING* condensation in Chocolates can cause bad things to grow inside the bonbon. -
Tool Tall glass hold pipng bag to make it easier to fill -
Tool Bag clips to close the end of the piping bags -

The Boxes

Making the boxes is somehting that came a little more naturally to me. Even with some planning, there is still room for improvements having made two versions of the box. The most important thing for me with the boxes was to add a level of luxury (that I was sure would'nt be found in my plain looking bonbon) because I was planning to give them as gifts. This luxury was achieved by using some nice foiled cardboard and being careful to make clean cuts.

The "nd version of the box with a flip & tuck in lid, was better than the sliding box as it was stronger. The improvements that can be made to this box; Make it a little larger (was minimally too small to fit 3 bonbon side by side) and to change the orientation of the 'tuck-tabs' on the lid so that it closes easier. See images in gallery for reference.

Boxes Tools/ Materials



Item Description Link Cost
Tool Cutting Mat As Named - -
Tool Scalpel/ blades As Named - -
Tool Metla Ruler As Named - -
Tool Pencil As Named - -
Material Glue/ Stick tape A double stick 'tape' dispenser, similar to a tippex roller - -
Material Card Various Patterned Card Stock IDEE €6.57
Material Acetate Clear plastic/ Acetate IDEE €5.29

The Gallery

Simpler Equipment

You dont have to spen as much money as I did, to make something that is almost as good. (see original attempt photos) To make these, I used cheap baking choclate and ice-cube molds we had at the house already. The method, seen in the videos, is then pretty much the same.

The important thing is to have fun, and not stress too much because you are learning. Yes you (I, me) have invested in it, but it is still supposed to be fun.