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Bluetooth Box

Status: in construction
Release Date: Mai 2019
Initiator: Luzian
Materials Used: audio components, box
Tools Used: soldering iron, laser cutter
Software Used: Fusion 360
Approx. Cost: 25-30$


Luzian designed this project so it could be built be a elementary student under the supervision of an adult. Therefore he needs to design an enclosure that can be precut on the laser cutter and does not look terrible if a 9 year old puts it together. The Bluetooth speaker should also work independently from an external audio source so no smartphone or mp3 player is needed.



Luzian bought all the audio electronic components online from China.

  • 5V amplifier board for 2*5W + 10W sub woofer
  • 2*5W 4ohm 52mm speaker
  • 10W 4ohm 3" sub woofer
  • audio decoder board with USB, AUX, Micro SD, Bluetooth
amplifier board(left) audio encoder & remote(right)
sub woofer(middle) and speakers

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