Premier+ Embroidery Intro

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Premier+ Embroidery Intro

Premier+EmbroideryIntro Home.PNG
Type: design and machine control
Platform: Windows 7+
License: proprietary (details unknown)
Source: machine retailers
Input Formats: .vp3, .vp4, .vip, .hus, .dhv, .shv,

.dst, .pcs, .10o, .jef, .sew, .pes,
.pec, .xxx, .exp, .art

Output Formats: .vp4, .vp3 (export)

This is a software that can be used in combination with a Husqvarna/Viking or Pfaff embroidery machine. It is used for viewing and designing embroidery pieces.

All designs can be adapted in size and color or combined with other designs if wanted.

Hoop Size

The area that you can embroider is automatically displayed when you open the software. Please ensure that the right hoop is selected (depends on your setup).

Changing An Existing Design

'Home' Tab of the Premier+ Embroidery Intro software.

The easiest way to change the designs available is to change the size or rotate it. In both cases you can either do so by clicking on the image or using the tools in the ribbon. The tools described in this section are all located in the 'Home' tab.

If you click on a dot on the edge of the image you can rotate it. By clicking on the small squares in the corner you can change the size (pressing Ctrl while doing so will ensure both sides are changed in size proportionally). By clicking the triangle on the top or the left side of the image you can mirror it (horizontally or vertically).
If you want to rotate the image with a certain angle or change the image to a certain size you can also use Modify Design in the ribbon. There is a shortcut for rotating the image with an angle of 45°: you can use the button Rotate 45.

When you change the size of the image the stitch density will change. You can adjust it via Resize on the ribbon.

You can also change the color of different parts to get an expression of the design.

Making Your Own Design

With this software you can create your own text to be embroided and combine several designs. You can also add frames if wanted.
The tabs to be used in this section are called Letter, SuperDesign and Frame.

If you have several designs on the work area you can use Previous Design or Next Design to select one design. This can come in handy if there are several designs stacked on top of each other.


Frame tab of the Premier+ Embroidery Intro software.

Go to the Frame tab, choose a frame and click Apply. If you already have the design you want to frame and select it before adding the frame both will automatically be combined. You can also combine them afterwards if you select both (or how many you want) and right click on Combine Selected. Combining designs seems to be irreversible.


Letter tab of the Premier+ Embroidery Intro software.

There are several fonts that you can choose from. You can adjust the size and the space between the letters. The size can also be adjusted later. You can choose whether the text should be horizontal, vertical or in a circle. Click Apply to place the text in the work area.
If you chose to arrange the text in a circle you can adjust the diameter of the circle later by moving the green rectangle.


SuperDesign tab of the Premier+ Embroidery Intro software.

When you use the designs from the SuperDesign tab use Select Style to make them light or bold. Click Apply to place it on the work area.
You can directly choose the size of the design if you want to. Additionally you can change its size when it's placed in the work area already.

Exporting to .vp3

Pfaff embroidery machines can only read files in .vp3 format. The standard saving format of the Premier+ Embroidery Intro software is .vp4, however. You therefore have to export your designs to .vp3. When you do so please make sure that the rotate option is unchecked. You don't need to rotate your design because the work area is already in the size of the hoop and the machine knows in which direction it needs to embroider. It's best to open the exported file with the Premier+ Embroidery Intro software to make sure that it still has the proper orientation.