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Alte Nägel.jpg
Synonyms: DE: Nägel,
On Site? few sizes
Location: wood workshop
Suggested Tools: hammers, pincers,
drift punch
Contains: usually galvanized iron
("wire nails") or steel
Similar (More or Less): staples

Nails are somewhat reversible fasteners for wood and soft walls. In many situations, one would rather use screws which offer a tighter connection to the workpiece but nails have their advantages, too. Besides coming at a much lower cost (10-20 %) the prize of a similarly sized screw), they should be used whenever you want to attach textiles to wood as screws tend to get caught in the fibers and cause rips (staples are fine as well).

nails driven in at opposing angles can "help" each other against sliding out of the wood under load

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