Fusion 360 CAM Parameters

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The CAM parameters in Fusion 360 (or other CAM programs, but they might differ) are restricted in many ways. Here we list the limitations we know of:


  • Sicherheitshöhe - height at which the router can travel at full speed
    • should definitely be far enough away from the workpiece and any holddowns you might be using
  • Rückzugshöhe - height at which the router can travel between operations (without crashing into screws or uneven areas)
    • above the workpiece, but not necessarily above all elements on the table
    • should be equal or higher than the Vorschubhöhe
  • Vorschubhöhe - height at which the router starts traveling at your specified feedrate
    • below this height, the workpiece is expected to start
  • obere Höhe - final height of your finished object
    • usually set automatically
  • Endhöhe - maximum depth you want to reach
    • 0 should be the bottom of your workpiece = the surface of the spoilboard
    • go a little bit into the negative numbers (e.g. -0.5 mm) to make sure a cut goes through

If you think you've got it right and the software does not give you warnings anymore, still make sure to watch the simulation and pay attention to any possible problems!


Always make sure the different feedrates are suited to your current cutter!

  • Schnittvorschub
  • Einfahrvorschub
  • Eintauchvorschub
  • Ausfahrvorschub
  • Helixvorschub

Cut Depths

  • Maximale Schrupp-Tiefenzustellung
  • Feintiefenzustellung


Once you're happy, here's how to export your work:

  • select all operations you want to export as G-Code
  • Aktionen -> Postprozess -> Postprozessor-Konfiguration "Grbl/grbl" -> Postprozessor -> save under desired title
    • disable the option "G28 Safe retracts" - it's not supported by grbl!