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Dowels are cylindrical sticks of wood. For the plastic "Dübel", see wall anchors.

Dowel Pegs


Dowel Pegs

Synonyms: dowel pins, "dowels";
DE: Holzdübel, Holznägel,
Runddübel, Riffeldübel
On Site? some
Suggested Donation: 1-3 ct
Location: wall above scroll saw
Suggested Tools: dowel centers, doweling jigs, wood drill bits, hammers
Contains: wood
Similar (More or Less): biscuits, loose tenons

Wooden dowels are useful for reinforcing butt joints or pulling together certain more sophisticated joints.

When using dowels, try marking the desired depth on your drill bit with a stop collar or a bit of masking tape and use dowel centers or a doweling jig to neatly line up the matching set of holes.

Most dowel pegs are made from beech wood, which should not be used outdoors - instead, you should get oak dowel pegs for projects like garden furniture[1].

Dowel Rods

Long dowels are available out of various wood species and are sawn to size as desired. There are also plenty of "dowelmaking jig" designs if you'd like to make your own.