Circular Saws

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Circular Saws

Synonyms: buzz saws; DE: Handkreissägen
Type: power tool/saw
Material: wood
Used with: circular saw guide, shop vac, goggles,
hearing protection, circular saw blades
Access: upon introduction
Similar (More or Less): table saw, chop saw

This page is about handheld circular saws. Other varieties exist: a chop saw is useful if you want to cut narrow planks or posts, while a table saw is especially suited for cutting medium-sized boards and panels. Perhaps we'll also build a panel saw for large stock at some point!

All circular saws cut with a rotating circular saw blade that may have teeth or an abrasive edge, depending on what material it is for.


  • check the blade guard: does it move freely and cover the blade when you let it go?
  • let us know when the blade is getting dull!
  • wear protective goggles and ear defenders no matter what you want to cut
  • hook up a shop vac before cutting
    • some sawdust will still be expelled, so you might want to put on a dust mask
  • safely clamp down a fence and your workpiece to avoid surprises during the cut
  • double-check the planned cut path - no clamps or table in the way?
  • firmly guide the saw with both hands, that way they're clear of the blade
  • turn on the saw without the blade touching the workpiece and only start cutting once it is rotating at full speed

Herkules BHK 1600LE "Laser Beam"


Herkules BHK 1600LE "Laser Beam"

Herkules BHK 1600LE.JPG
Synonyms: buzz saw; DE: Handkreissäge
Type: power tool/saw
Material: wood
Location: wood workshop
Access: upon personal introduction
Tutors: Lukas, Martin
Manual: Einhell HKS-1500 Laser is very similar

This saw requires 185/20 mm (OD/bore) blades; 190 mm blades would most likely still fit but we have not tried those yet. We have adapters for 30 mm bores as well.

Default Configuration

Our saw is equipped with a 185/30 mm, 24 tooth TCT (tungsten carbide tipped) wood cutting blade.

Festool TS 75 EBQ - Plunge Saw


Festool TS 75 EBQ

Festool TS 75 EBQ.jpg
Synonyms: plunge saw; DE: Tauchsäge
Type: power tool/saw
Material: wood
Location: wood workshop
Access: upon personal introduction
Tutors: Patrick
(or ZIP from

This tool is not ready for usage yet, since not all commissioning steps are completed yet. The process is also tracked on GitHub. Feel free to contribute to making it usable, any help is very welcome!

Task comment Status
Name the tool: - done
Take a picture - done
Find the manual as PDF only power tools - add a link to the InfoBox or comment where you could not find it done
Documentation this page, status: in commissioning pending
Print QR-Code use the wikicrawler pending
Introduction Circular Saw Introduction - might need slight updates pending
Security Check to be done or witnessed by a manager pending
Test to be done or witnessed by a manager pending
tool's name, owner and approx. value provide to a manager for inventorization pending
Last step: make it available physically and in the wiki - then delete this template pending

The Festool TS 75 EBQ is a plunge saw, that allows, in addition to normal circular saw functions, to be pushed into the workpiece. The maximal depth is 75mm and can be adjusted in 1mm increments.

Guide Rail

Kickback stop

The saw can be used with a Festool guide rail for ease of use. Currently we have a single 1400mm rail, but in the future multiple ones can be joined together to cut any length wished.

To avoid kickback during plunging, an endstop can be attached to the rail. When not in use it is attached to the backside of the saw.

Available Equipment

  • Festool TS 75 EBQ saw (duh...)
  • 1400mm rail
  • Systainer (aka. fancy Festool box)
  • Manual
  • Splinter guard (green thingy with nut and black thing with screw)

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