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Hi, I'm half an engineer, half a business guy who is constantly trying out different ways of making things and usually has more ideas than time on hand.

What I've enjoyed so far (at another makerspace / at home)

  • Woodworking - Some projects of the past included turning a massive board of wallnut into small stuff like magnetic knife boards and free floating wallboards for keys.
  • Coffee - A constant passion in my life. From time to time I'm roasting my own on a converted popcorn machine hooked to an ipad.
  • 3D Printing - Building and improving an Anet A8 at home
  • Raspberry Pi - Running a pihole, openmediavault, etc.

What I'd like to try

  • Woodturning - Only used a metal lathe in the past, time to try this out
  • Lasercutting - Mainly for engraving logos on hardwood build
  • Welding

Some Projects planned

  • Cutting Boards - I got my hand on some local applewood boards, so thats first after the introductions to the necessary machines
  • Knife Scales - I have a nice knife with ugly scales, this should change
  • Epoxy - So many ideas with wood+expoy compunds...
  • Table - Long term goal: Hardwood tabletop.