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Door Camera

Status: Collecting Ideas
Release Date: 2020-07-19
Initiator: Georg
Materials Used: TBD
Tools Used: TBD
Approx. Cost: <500€

By the end of August I have to have a WLan-camera ready installed that transmits the view in front of the front door to a tablet in the building, next to the door speaker and opener-button. Because of data protection, I want to transmit pictures only from the moment when the door bell is ringing for a defined time. People passing the camera should see immediately if the camera is on or off. Connecting the door bell to a timer that turns on and off some circuit is the easy part.

My first idea was to power on the camera only when it is needed. But boot time and connection time to the Wlan blocks this approach.

My current idea is to use a lifting magnet to move some mechanical "eyelid". The camera would always be on and connected, but sees only when the lid is open. But how to make this "lid" in a robust way? Any better Ideas? Any ideas where to find parts that are ready to use?

An other idea would be to turn on the light of the camera only when the image is needed. But during daytime it would always transmit something and bypassers would feel watched.

The camera I have in mind: WLan-Camera

The lifting magnet: Lifting magnet