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a simple bench used for repairs and storage

Some members help us to operate the Space with their large storage contributions and in turn get to set up their own workbench (or desk, whatever you want to use it for).

In the first two years we set aside a room with enough space for six such benches, now we are using a shared "storage corridor" for benches as well as smaller storage solutions.

Having a bench there still requires that you arrange yourself with the others, it's not like completely disappearing into some tool cabin of your own. We therefore ask you to refrain from doing dirty and noisy work or whatever else disturbs your neighbors or may damage their projects so that everyone can enjoy their bench. When you're alone, you may set your own noise level of course ;-)

Check out "Category:Workbenches" to get some ideas of what your bench could look like! Maybe you just need a simple table, or would you enjoy making the bench a big project in itself?