Archived:Woodturning tool for preparing unbalanced workpiece

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Woodturning: tool for preparing unbalanced workpiece

Status: Idea
Release Date: Mai 2019
Initiator: Georg
Team: who else would like to help?
Materials Used: wood, screws
Tools Used: [Routers]

When the workpiece to be processed on the woodworking lathe is not balanced, removing the first layers until it becomes round are very challenging. Last week we damaged 3 woodturning tools and still did not complete one workpiece.

Instead of turning the workpiece at high speed and pressing a blade against it that is standing still, I want to fix the workpiece and slide the high speed blade of a router by the surface. When one line is done, the workpiece should be turned a few degrees and then the next line of wood should be removed by sliding the router against it.


1) Create a fixation that can slide on the lathe and can hold the router. The distance from the axis of the lathe should be adjustable. Bonus: Let the router follow a defined curve instead of sliding parallel to the axis.

2) Create a mechanism to lock the lathe in one angle. Turning the axis a few degrees for the next slide should be done easily.