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Foam Rubber

Foam rubber.jpg
Synonyms: DE: Moosgummi
Suggested Tools: scalpels, shop scissors, punch pliers,
hole punches, laser cutter
Similar (More or Less): foam

Foam rubber is a common craft material, e.g. for masks and similar 3D projects as it is much thicker as paper.

According to wikipedia [1], the craft material and actual foam rubber are different things - but that's what it says on the label pretty much wherever you buy it, so we'll call it that for now.


The material can be cut with shop scissors or a sharp blade. It also melts easily and can be cut with the laser cutter if you need more precision.


  • Knoblauch (office supply store in Plöck)
    • few colors
    • 85 ct for a 20 × 30 cm sheet