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|machine name=CW4000
|machine name=CW4000
|image=Water chiller CW4000.JPG
|synonyms=DE: Wasserkühlung
|synonyms=DE: Wasserkühlung
|type=[[Laser Cutter|laser cutter]] periphery
|type=[[Laser Cutter|laser cutter]] periphery

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Water chiller CW4000.JPG
Synonyms: DE: Wasserkühlung
Type: laser cutter periphery
Location: eRoom
Access Requirements:

We have a "CW4000" water chiller that is dedicated to the laser cutter.

Never fire up the laser without proper cooling! In fact, it will not even let you activate the CO2 tube if the water is flowing in the wrong direction ("outlet" of the chiller has to go into "inlet" of the laser cutter and vice versa).


The unit is filled from the top where you can remove the clear plastic lid. If the temperature may drop below 5°C the laser cutter's manual advises the use of HPC-approved antifreeze (NOT the stuff for cars, apparently it can break the tubing and seals!). This solution from BDI Cooling might also be worth a look because it sounds like it might be the same thing (ethylene glycol plus "DeTox").

The antifreeze would also be useful due to its additional sterilizing agents: in regular distilled water, we are seeing lots of algae/fungi growth and have to replace it every few weeks...there are even stories online where the gunk caused serious blockage in the glass tubes that are difficult to clean!

1st fill: just distilled water, 2020-3-12 (did not keep track after that)


From the HPC product page:

  • tank volume: 3.2 L
  • refrigerant: R134a
  • tubing: Rp 1/2 (DN15)

Error Messages

  • E02: temperature error
    • room/water below 5 or above 25°C?
  • E05: flow restriction
    • bends in the tubing?
    • water level too low?