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|synonyms=hot wire cutter; DE: Heißdrahtschneider
|synonyms=hot wire cutter; DE: Heißdrahtschneider

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This is a wish list page - we don't have this tool yet!


Foam Cutter

Synonyms: hot wire cutter; DE: Heißdrahtschneider
Type: power tool
Material: foam

A foam cutter uses a hot wire to slice through foam. It is perfect for any projects using foam (e.g. building model aircraft).

It's possible to build one out of thin metal tube, special wires and a handle with a button to control the power!


Connect the power cable to a regulated power supply. Adjust the voltage to 3-6 V and limit the current to a maximum of 1.25 A (4 V/0.8 A works pretty well and increases the wire lifespan). Plug the power cable into the foam cutter and switch the power on. Now you are good to go. If you press the red button on the foam cutter the wire will heat up instantly.


  • don't touch the wire during operation
  • don't use more than 6 V
  • don't let children use the foam cutter without supervision


The foam cutter uses 70 mm StarTec ST 10659 wires. They are wear parts and can tear. New ones are available (for example) at ersa Distribution.