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(adapted content to Micha's large saw; removed reference to shitty utility saw we probably won't get ever again in the proper workshop)
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|tool name=Pruning Saw
|tool name=Pruning Saw
|image=pruning saw.jpg
|synonyms=DE: Astsäge
|synonyms=DE: Astsäge
|type=hand tool/[[:Category:Saws|saw]]
|type=hand tool/[[:Category:Saws|saw]]

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Pruning Saw

Pruning saw.jpg
Synonyms: DE: Astsäge
Type: hand tool/saw
Material: wood
Location: wood workshop
Access Requirements: read this page
Similar (More or Less): hacksaws, Schrotsäge

A pruning saw is a simple handheld saw commonly used in gardening for trimming branches. Large teeth with a special geometry allow you to use it on "green" wood, e.g. to perpare woodturning blanks. While it is okay for quick and dirty cuts in dry wood (boards/beams), you may want to have a look at our other saws for most woodworking projects.