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Restoring old Scooters

Status: active
Release Date:
Initiator: Lukas
Materials Used: old parts, ABS, ...
Approx. Cost: approx. 250€ for two

So I bought two Piaggio NSLs for 80€ in pretty bad shape. Goal is to do as much as possible from scratch. Very few parts are missing, some plastic parts are cracked or parts are broken off. Both don't start.


  1. Disassemble and clean thoroughly
  2. Repair cracks with special glue
  3. Broken off parts formed with ABS and glued in place (idea of mine, not sure if it works)
  4. Completely new paint on the chassis (open for color suggestions)
  5. Cleaning and checking all parts of the motor and surrounding parts, replace if not fixable
  6. Reassembly

Some things may ocurr in the process

If somebody has experience or ideas please message me :)