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|image=ShipsWheel05 AfterRouting.JPG
|image=ShipsWheel05 AfterRouting.JPG
|status=in progress
|status=in progress
|date=July 2020
|date=(hopefully)July 2020

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Pirate Ship´s Wheel

ShipsWheel05 AfterRouting.JPG
Status: in progress
Release Date: (hopefully)July 2020
Initiator: Martin
Materials Used: Wood
Tools Used: CNC Router, Handheld Router, Laser Cutter
Approx. Cost: approx 20€ (mainly for the wood)


ShipsWheel99 TheCabin.jpg

Martin´s niece owns a sandbox in the form of an old boat. Since she got a cabin built upon it to enable a pirate ship theme, the whole thing of course needed a proper ship´s wheel!


Since the cabin was made from spruce wood, the ship´s wheel was made from the same kind of wood in order to fit. You can get pieces of this at Bauhaus for a reasonable price.

Overall Cut: CNC Router

In order to ensure a proper design, the CNC Router has been used to cut the overall design out of the workpiece:

Tune Edges: Handheld Router

Since the CNC Router has been cutting sharp edges, these needed to get rounded. Using the handheld router for this was the fastest and easiest option:

Engrave Treasures and Skulls: Laser Cutter

Since this ship wheel is dedicated to be used at a pirate ship, it needs to get some skulls and treasures engraved. Our laser cutter has different options for burning images into wood, which needed to be compared to each other:

ShipsWheel06 LaserTest.JPG

It was decided to use the cut treasure (below) and the engraved skull (on top)

Cabin Attachment: To be done