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You would like to join the CoMakingSpace as a member? Awesome! There are a couple of options to choose from depending on your needs. We also have day passes, but membership is much more in line with our community-based concept :-)


Are you interested in using our shared equipment, learning new techniques, making new friends in the Maker scene or perhaps just supporting our project? Then become a member!

Starting at 25 €/month, you'll get access during all our opening times and can work on your projects with all tools and machines that you know how to use. You can already "collect" introductions and permissions for when you take your making to the next level!

If you need some space to store your projects, you might want to get yourself a locker as well.

Key Option

Once you get into serious projects, you might want to have more time in the Space. Guess what - you can get your own key card to use the space according to your own schedule!

The key option starts at 50 €/month if you sign up for half a year!

CoMaking Bench Option

A core element of our concept is that Makers who are dreaming of their own little basement or garage workshop can equip a private workbench in addition to all the nice equipment in the shared areas. Are you going to attempt sophisticated builds that take a while to finish? Or are you so busy with your day job that your precious hours in the Space should not be reduced by setup and cleaning, but you just want to leave your things lying there until the next session? Then a CoMaking bench might be for you!

Besides the privilege of your own bench, you'll help support the project in a big way and enable us to keep our Space open to many interested Makers at low cost. Hurry, there is only room for up to six CoMaking benches!

The bench option starts at 100 €/month if you sign up for half a year! It is best combined with a key, of course, so you can use it whenever you want.

We recommend building a workbench according to your specific needs, but we might be able to help you out with a simple one or offer experiences with different designs. Just talk to a manager!

Becoming a Member

After you have visited us and we got to know each other, please fill out the membership form to apply for the membership and the options of your choice.

For example, for 200 €/month if you sign up for half a year, you'll get to set up a private workbench, your own key card for 24/7 access, and a locker.

Family Members

You can also look at our family options on the family membership form.