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Some frequently asked questions to help you get started...

Q: Why can't I edit wiki pages?
A: We had to restrict account creation due to issues with spam - just contact Lukas or Mitja if you are a real person ;-)

Q: Who is paying for all the consumables?
A: Everyone carries their own weight! Please have a look at the material pages if you're not sure what something is worth and throw a few cents into the appropriate donation box. If you can't afford something, talk to your fellow Makers - it might be possible in a team effort!

Q: What do I do if I notice something running out?
A: The managers take care of restocking shared materials as soon as they are informed, so please talk to them and/or use Template:Refill to let them know!

Q: What may I use right away and which tools require an instruction?
A: That's different for every piece of equipment, best consult the individual wiki pages or ask someone. We require instructions especially for dangerous or expensive machines - those tools have tutors who are happy to help you out!