Some frequently asked questions to help you get started...

Q: Why can't I edit wiki pages?
A: We had to restrict account creation due to issues with spam - just contact Lukas or Mitja if you are a real person ;-)

Q: Where do I start?
A: Just take a look at our getting started page. It provides several possibilities to collaborate and interact with the community.

Q: How can I share my project with more people?
A: We are always happy about volunteers who would like to hold a seminar. Please let us know if one of your projects is ready and suitable to be copied by a bunch of others!

Q: Who is paying for all the consumables?
A: Everyone carries their own weight! Please have a look at the material pages if you're not sure what something is worth and throw a few cents into the appropriate donation box. If you can't afford something, talk to your fellow Makers - it might be possible in a team effort!

Q: What do I do if I notice something running out?
A: The managers take care of restocking shared materials as soon as they are informed, so please talk to them and/or use Template:Refill to let them know!

Q: What may I use right away and which tools require an introduction?
A: That's different for every piece of equipment, best consult the individual wiki pages or ask someone. It's important for all tools that you at least read their wiki page, but we require personal instructions especially for dangerous or expensive machines - those tools have tutors who are happy to help you out!