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Welcome to the CoMakingSpace Community! It´s awesome that you joined us, so now let´s make sure you get the best out of the community.

Create your user page

Since you already found our wiki, the most important step to get information is already done. However, it is always a good idea to create your User Page. If you need help in creating a wiki page, please just ask somebody during the opening hours. If you like to learn on your own, you can also read about |how to create wiki content.


The CoMakingSpace lives from our awesome community. In order to ensure everybody is able to participate, we are having a members meeting every month. In these, we discuss improvements to the space and ways of collaboration.

Additionally, we have a Members Wall in the hallway. Just use the template to print your own sign and hang it up in the hallway. That way, others get to know you.

Since we are all makers, we always try to improve the space. You can help us with this by checking out our issue list. If you encountered something that is broken or could be improved: feel free to open an issue!

Start your own Project

Of course, you signed up at a makerspace because you want to build something. If you need inspiration, check out the. You can learn a lot by making those.

If you have more time, see a list of projects that other members documented. Most of them will tell you who did it, so if you have any question, just ask.

Join our events

Another good possibility to learn and get to know the others is to join our events. You can find them in our calendar or on meetup.

Check your membership

While you learn to use more and more tools and start your own projects, you may want to check your membership. Please see the different options we provide. If you want to change your membership, reach out to one of the managers.