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|tool name=Flatiron
|machine name=Flatiron
|image=old flatiron.JPG
|image=old flatiron.JPG
|synonyms=iron; DE: Bügeleisen
|synonyms=iron; DE: Bügeleisen

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Old flatiron.JPG
Synonyms: iron; DE: Bügeleisen
Type: household appliance
Material: usually fabric; edge banding
Used with: baking paper

An old flatiron can be very handy in a workshop, e.g. for "dirty work" that you would not risk your nice household iron with.

That does not mean this iron should become filthy, though - for nearly every application, it is best to put a piece of baking paper between the iron and your workpiece.

Common "Maker" uses include applying edge banding or ironing wax into fabric, but feel free to get more creative (and show us your ideas!) as long as it's safe.