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Recicling 32" E-ink dispalys

32" E-ink Display FrontDoor.jpg
Release Date: 2018
Initiator: Johannes
Team: Johannes
Software Used: https://docs.visionect.com/index.html

I got some partly broken 32" E-ink displays.


In case you want to buy such a display https://www.visionect.com/shop/


Via the Raspberry Pi you can display web pages or pictures on the selected E-ink display.

List of E-ink Displays in the network:

Controller Board Name State Location usebil area Picture of the area
board 1 offline - - -
board 2 offline - - -
board 3 offline - - -
board 4 online Front Door 3/4 32" E-Ink Display Dead Area display1.png
board 5 offline - - -
E-ink mit Wifi offline - - -

You can find Templats for Pictures on GitHub when i find out haw GitHub works The webinterface is on port 8081. Therefore, if you just want to use your browser to control the Visionect Server, please navigate to http://comakingcontroller:8081. username:admin password:JohannesBastelt