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our old common room as seen from the old CNC room

The common room (Gemeinschaftsraum) is shared with all the others and therefore only suitable for projects that do not create dirt, noise or fumes. Examples of activities that usuall won't disturb your neighbors are working on a computer, sketching your next ideas, discussing a project, having a meal or some drinks, (dis)assemblies and so on. The rest of your work better happens in the appropriate workshop ;-)

The Common Room contains our Seminar Area with a bunch of tables and a projector. It also contains our lockers, the kitchen with various appliances and (soon) the Chillout Area. In order to strengthen our community, it also contains the community wall.

The common room also includes a sound system which is attached to Project:Music Station for network playback.

Computer Accessories

USB-C charger

USB-C charger

Can be used with phones and laptops.


  • 5V 3A
  • 9V 3A
  • 12V 3A
  • 15V 3A
  • 20V 2.25A

Other Equipment