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Here you will (eventually) find links to all pages about power tools. Power tools are ''usually'' handheld or at least operated manually and run on electricity.
'''Most of them are potentially dangerous! Make sure you secure the tool against accidental starting whenever you work on its parts, e.g. when you want to change a [[Circular Saw Blade|circular saw blade]]. Also, see if the action you're planning is possible ''before'' turning on the tool (check for obstacles, test movement of sliding parts etc). We document specific dangers and precautions in our tool [[introductions]].'''
[[:Category:Hand Tools|Hand tools]], [[:Category:Marking & Measuring|marking and measuring tools]] and [[:Category:Machines|machines]] have their own categories as well. If that is all too confusing and you would rather look through the entire list, please head over to [[:Category:Hardware|Category:Hardware]].

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