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Lukas created a gynny page in March 2016 to finance new tools for the Heidelberg Makers Community. If it works well, we could set one up for the CoMakingSpace!

How It Works

Whenever you want to buy something from the supported stores, please access our project page and visit the shop through the link list on the right

Gynny is an organization supporting all kinds of projects by forwarding 80 % of their online shopping provisions to the project. Many online stores are partners, and although Amazon has stopped its cooperation a few months ago there are still promising offers like 5 % provision from Conrad or Reichelt. The best thing is: the price for the buyer stays the same, but we get a few cents every time someone visits a shop through our project page!

Some Supported Stores

Gynny has more than 1500 partners, please add any "Maker" related ones you may find to this list:

(the links in this list already include the gynny redirect)

What to Buy

The financing goal is set to 1000 € for now but can be adjusted at any time to fit a certain tool we might need. Please talk to Lukas for suggestions and we will soon tackle a concrete item!

Additional Options

We also want to set up an Amazon affiliation soon.